Algebra, Book 2 (Straight Forward Math Series) by Stephen B. Jahnke

Algebra, Book 2 (Straight Forward Math Series)

Book Title: Algebra, Book 2 (Straight Forward Math Series)

Publisher: Garlic Press

ISBN: 1930820054

Author: Stephen B. Jahnke

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Stephen B. Jahnke with Algebra, Book 2 (Straight Forward Math Series)

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Topics include: Graphing Linear Equations; Systems of Equations; Rational & Radical Expressions; Quadratic Equations. Practice, review, and testing included.

Table Of Contents
CHAPTER 1: Graphing Linear Equations
The Cartesian Coordinate System
Ordered Pairs
Linear Equations & Solutions
Graphing by Plotting Points
Graphing Using Zeros (Intercepts)
Graphing Horizontals & Vertical Lines
Graphing Using Slope & Y-Intercept
Writing Equations

CHAPTER 2: Systems of Equations
Systems & Solutions
Solving Systems by Graphing
Solving Systems by Substitution
Solving Using Addition

CHAPTER 3: Rational Expressions
Rational Expressions
Terms & Factors
Multiplying & Dividing Rational Expressions
Least Common Multiple
Adding & Subtracting Rational Expressions
Fractions Inside Fractions
Fractional Equations

REVIEW: Chapters 1 - 3

CHAPTER 4: Radical Expressions
Perfect Square Numbers & Radicands
Simplifying Radical Expressions
Variable Radicands
Multiplying Radicals Together
Collecting Like Terms
Simplifying Radicals Containing Fractions
Radical Equations

CHAPTER 5: Quadratic Equations
The Square Root Method
The Zero Product Method
The Quadratic Formula Method
Graphing Quadratic Equations (Parabolas)

REVIEW: Chapters 4 - 5